Hungry Lucy – Pulse Of The Earth


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This release by Now Music includes a bonus video of ‘Just Imagine’ with stunning artwork.

Pulse of the Earth is the third studio album from American trip hop/indie duo Hungry Lucy. The album was written by the duo, Christa Belle and Warren Harrison, in the Tennessee mountains deliberately away from outside influences, due to concerns that “Hungry Lucy had become more about social media, and less about the kind of great songs the pair loved to write.”

Originally released in February 2010, as always, Hungry Lucy crosses genres at a moments notice, while somehow maintaining a cohesive vision. Christa Belle’s haunting voice digs deep and soars high above a bed of gypsy melodies, ominous drones and tribal rhythms. At once ambient, catchy and full of drama, these 10 songs will get inside you, settle within and bring you in sync with the pulse of the earth.

Cat No: NM 1005

released January 22, 2018

All tracks written by Christa Belle and Warren Harrison.


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