Zombie Dandies – Lo-Fi Heroes


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Lo-Fi Heroes - Zombie Dandies Cover
Lo-Fi Heroes – Zombie Dandies Cover

The Zombie Dandies are K1000 Zombie (guitar, vocals), Marty Dandy (drums, bass, vocals). They are a Glam Metal, Shock Rock, Horror Punk band from Normandy in France.

The story of the group started in 2011, when two old high school friends, Marty Dandy (Drums & Vocals ) and K1000 Zombie (Guitar & Vocals), had the unlikely idea of creating a glam punk duo mixing heavy metal with the energy of punk and garage rock. Their use of on-stage make-up and their loud, aggressive playing turned them into some kind of curiosity in their area’s musical landscape . They released their first demo, Zombie Dandies EP in 2012, recorded the good old DIY way and very influenced by classic acts such like KISS, Mötley Crüe and The Ramones.

This unique download includes a bonus MP4 of the Official Music Video for Lo-Fi Hero.

Released: 16th March 2018.

Cat No: NM 1009


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