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This unique and exclusive Deluxe edition includes the free self-titled debut album from American/British Rockers Lost European as a bonus. Full length stereo.

Lost European song list:

Homos in space
Clean clean
Just a miracle apart
Jet black rose
Comin’ home
We’ve come a long long way
Newspaper and lace
Spiral staricase
I believe in you

Alternative/progressive rock with catchy, memorable melodies and crisp, clean production. This album is rare, out of print and hard to find.

In addition to the free album a further six bonus tracks are also included in the download as follows:

Images – No Vocal
Man in the House of Cards – No Vocal
No Photographs – No Vocal
Wallflower Heather – No Vocal
Robot Coupe
We’ve Come A Long Long Way – Early, Raw Version

A total of 27 tracks makes it just over 10p per track.

Created by the rocket scientists who designed the Stealth Bomber, the F-18 Hornet and the Apache Helicopter, this apocolyptic download is dark and moody, yet highly polished alternative rock filled with catchy melodies and powerful music.

About the Artist:

Lost European, one of the few of bands in the entire world who have been personally invited by the People’s Republic of China to tour their nation. Their style of music is “art rock”…alternative, progressive, intricate and orchestrated with precision crafted songs that are catchy and meaningful.

Lost European is a sophisticated band with a Euro-British sound. The songwriting is all original. The founding band members are degreed aerospace engineers from Britain and the U.S. Not only have they designed some of the most extraordinary high tech fighters and spacecraft of the world, they have also formed a high tech band of skilled musicians, composers, and computer programmers.

Rick Costello and Roy Lund were two of the highest paid Aircraft Consultant Engineers in the business. They have helped design the B-2 Stealth Bomber, the all-composite Starship, the Space Shuttle, the Concorde, the Apache Helicopter, and other top-secret aircraft. They are experienced in Computer Programming and Graphic D

Band Members: Roy Lund, Lead Singer Rick Costello, Songwriter and Rhythm Guitarist Frank Danna, Lead Guitarist Gary Strausbaugh, Keyboard and Bass.

Cat No: NM 1014

Lost European - Images Cover
Lost European – Images Cover

released March 24, 2018


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