The Longdrone Flowers – Confessions Of A Mask EP


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This 3-track EP is the second release from Merseyside UK based Now Music and the first release of 2018.

Cat No: NM 1002

“A 3-track extravaganza of fuzztoned delirium and primal Moe Tucker slugging. Fragmentary vocals appearing and disappearing into the murk of spindly, incessant riffing. As uncompromising as anything you’ll hear this (or next) year, it’ll pull you in and grow and grow on you and in you.” – Small Bear Records.

“‘Confessions of a Mask’ is a cacophonous no-wave grind that blows away all efforts before it; ‘Wildfire & the Non Story’ is like the Kinks tuning down and playing at being a lysergic Velvet Underground.” – Sonic Masala

Released January 1, 2018


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