Licensing and Royalties

A substantial part of your musical works may be used in various ways. Through the Now Music licensing structure and network, we ensure that as well as through physical or digital sales, you will recieve royalties when your music is used in the following ways:

    • bars and nightclubs
    • shops and hotels
    • offices, factories, gyms
    • in-store music systems, jukeboxes, compilations for exercise classes and in-flight entertainment systems
    • schools, universities and local authorities
    • TV and radio broadcasts
    • online radio and services
    • on demand and on hold services, e.g. telephone systems
    • soundtracks for TV, film, advertising, radio, trailers and other media outlets
    • film, advert, video game or other audio visual production
    • digital music services
    • podcasts
    • ringtones and ringbacks
    • online advertising
    • putting on a live event
    • DJs performing mixes they’ve burned onto a digital device
    • live performances
    • commercial radio
    • community radio
    • hospital radio
    • long-term radio, such as for student campus, an army base or prison
    • short-term radio that’s OFCOM-licensed
    • radio adverts

This list in not exhaustive.

Through our network we issue licences to hundreds of thousands of businesses and organisations from all sectors across the UK and worldwide playing recorded music and/or music videos in public.

Now Music are registered members of the top licensing organisations around the world. Now Music can ensure your music is licensed around the world.

Organisations who we are registered with:

    • PPL
    • BPI
    • PRS
    • MCPS
    • BMI
    • ASCAP
    • SESAC
    • HFA

You can, of course, register your music directly with these organisations, however, this will prove time-consuming, complicated and expensive.

You can rest assured that if your music is being played in any format, anywhere in the world, that you will be registered to recieve royalties.